PLUS Automation showcases sensors at FoodManufacturing.Live
Posted to News on 23rd Apr 2024, 13:30

PLUS Automation showcases sensors at FoodManufacturing.Live

Next week sees the Food Manufacturing Live exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum, on Wednesday 1 May, in Solihull, Birmingham, next to the NEC. PLUS Automation will be showing you how to #MakeSenseofSensors with technology-leading factory and process automation sensors from Contrinex, ReeR and SATRON.

PLUS Automation showcases sensors at FoodManufacturing.Live

SATRON's VO optical sensors provide a fast payback from reducing the use of resources and waste, plus optimising recovery from real-time fast and precise monitoring of CIP processes.

A VOM sensor in the CIP plant's incoming feed replaces (or can be used alongside) conductivity sensors to control CIP phases based on performance, rather than time. The time saved increases plant capacity and reduces water, energy and chemical usage.

Not only can the VOM sensor precisely detect a wide array of products (rather than just the presence of ions), the SATRON sensor also detects pollution of the washing chemicals by organic materials.

Transparent-object detection sensors

Contrinex's UV-light, transparent-object detection sensors are small and powerful, at only 20mm x 30mm x 10mm, with a long sensing distance of 1.2m, whilst auto-collimated optics ensure there are no blind zones.

The sensor uses a patented reflex operating principle with polarised 275nm wavelength ultraviolet light which provides consistent detection of transparent objects, for example across the entire width of a bottle, not just the thicker leading and trailing edges.

The Ecolab-certified sensors are part of a large family of photoelectric sensors offering a choice of detection methods, PNP/NPN, Light-on/Dark-on, Cable or Socket, plus low-cost stainless-steel mounting brackets and protective shields.

Safety light curtains

ReeR's EOS family of Safety Light Curtains are trusted across a wide range of applications and industries. The range also includes IP69K Ecolab certified and ATEX Zone 2, Ex-Rated versions for the most challenging food and beverage manufacturing environments. The units provide robust reliable protection being immune to water droplets on the enclosure or in the air.

ReeR also offers special versions of their Admiral family of Safety Light Curtains with an IP67 waterproof enclosure. The option of heating and very long-range versions make then ideal for example, perimeter guarding exterior openings or loading areas.

Fast and precise detection of phase-transitions

SATRON's VOA speed and precision enable it to be placed as close as 2m before a diversion valve to switch and stop product being sent to filling machines. It reacts well before any human eye, turbidity meter or any other online instrument can detect the water being used to push the product.

If the product-to-water interface takes more than a few seconds, the VOA sensor can also be used to send the most concentrated water/product mix to recovery for example for sale as animal feed.

Configure and monitor IO-Link sensors on your phone

PocketCodr removes the need for a PLC to program any brand of IO-Link sensor and removes the uncertainty of using a laptop with a USB dongle. Imagine being able to reconfigure a Contrinex inductive, photoelectric or RFID sensor from Normally-closed to Normally-open or adjust the sensitivity, in less than 60 seconds, using your phone PLUS Automation can show you how.

PocketCodr also provides a fast, simple, yet powerful way to configure Contrinex's SMART sensors. These customisable distance measurement, inductive or photoelectric sensors include a microcontroller to provide onboard computation and additional features, making them ideal for creating customised sensors and for IoT applications.

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